As a Land Registry researcher, I joined the Government Digital Service (GDS) concept team with my colleagues, Ruben a User Researcher and Clara an Interaction Designer. Our main objective is to ensure valid and timely user feedback is sourced throughout the project. This is invaluable for conceptualising the development of new digital products and services which meet the customer needs.

Time has flown by, we’re already in week three and the research to-date has helped to shape the project.


Last week, we tested the mock-up of the ‘your property’ page with citizens and the response has been very positive overall.

It’s increasingly clear that there is a need to be able to explore our available land and property data. This particularly involves information that might influence the decision to purchase or sell a property. One user told us “this would have been perfect when I was buying”.



This week, a mock-up of the screens designed for professional users has been tested and we’re starting to understand what works well and what doesn’t for our regular customers.

The feedback has generally been positive and the legal firms we’ve visited see the benefit in developing digital systems to assist tasks for both themselves and the public.

Some customers have even suggested that the ‘your property’ page has potential to bring business their way, as citizens may want to make legal enquiries about what they discover on this page.

Over the next few weeks we’ll continue to test new screens with more citizens and professional customers. We’ll also re-visit users so they can see how influential their feedback has been as part of exploring the potential for the development of new digital products or services in the future.

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Helen Cassidy
By Helen Cassidy,
Researcher at HM Land Registry