National Spatial Data workshop 13-5-15

As part of our ongoing discussion with customers and stakeholders, we held our first product specific Industry Day on 12 May 2015. The day was designed to update the market on our plans to release the National Spatial Dataset, following the publication of the prototype dataset in March.

With more than 80 customers representing 48 organisations and guests from Ordnance Survey and Shareholder Executives in attendance, there was a real buzz about the pending launch. The prototype data has been very popular with customers who trialled it, so we were excited to share our plans for its release and also capture valuable market feedback, which could be incorporated into the next development stage.

Andrew Trigg, Head of Data reminded the audience of Land Registry’s commitment to facilitate the reuse of land and property information, in support of economic growth. Our commitment will produce:

  • enhanced data
  • a single access point to information
  • quality embedded in the meta data

Lynne Nicholson, Head of Data Products and Services, provided a strategic overview of Land Registry’s spatial services (Commercial Polygons, MapSearch, INSPIRE Index Polygons and the new proposition – National Spatial Dataset) putting all the different offerings into perspective.

Gareth Robson, Head of Data Capture and Management, delved into the granular details and nuances of data capture and the finer points of the Index Map.

Finishing off the morning session Stuart Gray, Business Development Manager, presented an overview of the National Spatial Dataset prototype. The possible attributes and options for inclusion in the final dataset were explained, laying the groundwork for the afternoon syndicate sessions.

With attendees up to date on our development plans, the afternoon syndicate exercises could begin. This was led by Tracey Salvin, Product Manager, representatives from Information Systems and the Business Development teams. The purpose of the syndicates was to capture market feedback, so each syndicate was given a list of questions and points for discussion. “In the end we had so much feedback to work through, it was hard to know where to start, but I was thrilled by the level of engagement. Overwhelmingly guests agreed that the event should be run on a regular basis” said Tracey.

Andrew Trigg said “the event exceeded all expectations, we anticipated the National Spatial Dataset would be a crowd pleaser, but I was delighted by the level of customer engagement and the positive responses the team received.”

Colin Blears photoColin Blears, Yooseful Technology said: “the event was extremely well attended by industry thought leaders and technical teams. Some customers had already worked with early evaluation versions of the data, so it provided a great forum for businesses from different sectors to openly share their thoughts on how the data could benefit their users and provide constructive feedback on challenges faced to date.

Our group were really engaged in the discussions and felt having knowledge experts on hand from Land Registry to answer technical queries was really valuable. Hosting these events combined with an agile product development approach shows Land Registry’s commitment to releasing data of real value to its customers.”

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry