A new facility at our Coventry Office is helping us improve the customer testing of our electronic products and services.

The purpose-built ‘usability suite’ allows us to learn invaluable lessons from the responses of volunteers putting prototypes through their paces.

Customer involvement is already integral to new launches such as MapSearch but the facility takes the process to a new level of sophistication.

A standard session involves up to six volunteers being asked to attempt pre-set scenarios in hourly slots.

The volunteers are briefed on how usability testing benefits Land Registry and how we will look after and use the information.

Our team works under strict protocols including the Data Protection Act and the Market Research Society’s code of conduct.

The same scenarios are then tested with each volunteer in exactly the same way.

Eye tracking and ‘gaze interaction’ equipment follows the volunteers’ eye movements as they navigate around the screen. A red dot shows where they are looking and its size indicates how long they focused on a particular part of the screen.

Observers can follow every detail from a room next door or remotely.

Head of Customer & Market Insight Gavin Thorne said the suite would be of great benefit to Land Registry and our customers.

“It will ensure we continue to develop our services with our customers in mind,” he said.

If you’d like to help our research by volunteering for a session, please contact Deborah Russell.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry