From Monday 17 November we are changing the way you are informed about limitations to the registered extent of land contained in applications to substantively register leases and transfers of part.

With certified copies of deeds now being lodged in support of the vast majority of applications (in line with the document handling practice introduced at the end of June), no copy of the transfer or lease will now be returned upon completion of a registration where the extent has been limited.

You will receive a copy of the letter explaining the limitation and the plan showing the extent of the land excluded from registration. Ideally, these documents should be kept with the original transfer or lease in order to explain why the registered extent differs from the extent depicted in the plan to the deed.

A copy of the letter of limitation and explanatory plan will be attached to the version of the deed that is retained by Land Registry, which can then be requested as an official copy via the usual channels.

This retained version is the version that will be relied upon for registration purposes, regardless of the existence of any original.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry