On Monday our Local Land Charges team met with delegates from across the country at the 2014 Developing Commercialism in Local Government Conference 2014 in Manchester.

Held at Old Trafford – home of Manchester United Football Club – the event attracted delegates from across local government to network and to explore creating a culture of innovation when redesigning services.

Our team attended to talk with stakeholders following the announcement back in June of proposals for Land Registry to become the sole registering authority for Local Land Charges (LLC) in England and Wales.

These proposals form part of Land Registry’s change programme, LR Connect. This is our journey to support wider government priorities to improve the ease of registering a property, digitise government services and make public data more easily accessible for the benefit of the wider economy.


Research Co-ordinator Paul White at the conference

At the event, the keynote address was given by Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council and past President of the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE), and Ged Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council and Vice President of SOLACE. They highlighted the importance of exploring innovative ways to deliver better outcomes and maximise benefits for the local communities. They also emphasised the need for collaboration across organisational boundaries to enable greater efficiency.

“It was really interesting to see how local authorities have innovated and developed new commercial strategies” said Jamie Winch, Business Lead in the Local Land Charges team at Land Registry. “Our proposals will involve all 348 local authorities in England and Wales so it’s important to hear about the unique challenges they face and how we can work together.

“We have engaged extensively with stakeholders throughout the research, prototype and consultation phases. This conference is just one opportunity for us to continue to do so as we build and develop the service.”

Please contact a member of the Engagement Team to find out more about our Local Land Charges proposals.

Duncan Keary
By Duncan Keary,
Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry