fee calculator in use
Every day, more and more people are lodging basic Land Registry applications themselves, instead of using a conveyancer or solicitor.

Sometimes we have to contact these customers to get their application up to the required standard for registration, which can lead to delays. During the last year, one of the top 10 reasons we’ve had to contact our customers has been because of overpayment or underpayment of fees.

If you are lodging an application yourself, our fee calculator can help prevent your application being delayed. By entering the application type and a transaction value (if required), the fee calculator will show you the correct fee.

Unfortunately, due to the number of options with some applications, you may still need to refer to the Fee Order, although the fee calculator will help you find the right fee scale (if applicable) to look at.

If at this point, you are still unable to calculate the correct fee, please contact our Customer Contact Centre where staff will be happy to help.

By Citizen Centre,