This Christmas, it’s estimated that 83 per cent of British shoppers will do at least part of their Christmas shopping online. If you are a land and property professional you can do most of your land registration work online too, such as:

Submitting applications

With access to the Land Registry portal and a scanner, you could save time and money by submitting and receiving applications to change the register with our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS).

With e-DRS you can:

  • register almost all transactions and interests relating to registered property
  • register and extend leases for any registered property

whether the application affects the whole, or part of a property.

There’s also a 50 per cent fee reduction for certain applications that are lodged electronically. See our registration services fee guide for details.

Requesting information

You can also use the portal to make daylist enquiries, or make online requests for information from the Land Register including official copies or searches of the index map.

You can make your own, free search to find out whether land and property in England and Wales is registered with our flagship information service MapSearch.

Find the full list of available information services on our website.

Nearly all information requests made online have a 50 per cent reduced fee compared with the fee for a postal application. See our information services fee guide for details.

Changing the register

You can use the portal’s Network Services to quickly change proprietors’ names or to remove names of deceased joint proprietors from the register. You can certify these changes electronically without having to send us supporting evidence, saving you time.

If you work for a mortgage lender, you can also use our Lender Services to discharge mortgages online by submitting an electronic discharge of whole.

Integrating your systems

If you work for an organisation which submits high volumes of applications to us, you can get instant, automated access to the Land Register using Business Gateway – our business-to-business electronic channel.

Business Gateway communicates directly with your case management system (CMS) allowing you to seamlessly access Land Registry services from within your internal software. You will be able to submit applications more quickly and at any time. Find out which CMS suppliers offer off-the-shelf Business Gateway integration.

What else?

On our new pages on GOV.UK you can find all of our practice guides and training materials for using our portal services. Members of the public can also access our House Price Index and search our property ownership information.

As we continue our journey to becoming a digital organisation, we will continue to develop our existing services and introduce new ones. All that we do will have you, the user, in mind to make sure you can more easily access more of our services online.

If you have any comments about our electronic services, we would love to hear from you:

  • contact our Customer Support using our contact form
  • leave a comment below.

Antony Hart
By Antony Hart,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry