Tennis court

What a sporting weekend!

The English stages of the Tour de France started in Yorkshire and culminated in an exciting sprint finish in London yesterday, with over 2.5 million spectators estimated to have watched it live. Whilst Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on the circuit’s 50th Grand Prix anniversary, as an ardent tennis fan, my mind was focused on the enthralling finals taking place on the courts of SW19.

Watching the players perform and admiring how they used the whole tennis court in an effort to win each point and every game, I realised that the court resembled the ‘tiles’ that make up our property index title layer, within which we map our indexings for all registered land and property in England & Wales.

A tennis court is obviously uniform, but the majority of registered extents aren’t. Whilst Hawkeye helps the line judges ensure that the ball is always “In” or “Out” on court, our MapSearch service does a similar thing, as it lets you search our index map quickly to get title numbers and find out whether it is Registered (IN) or Unregistered (Out).

The one significant difference is that our MapSearch service costs nothing, whilst Hawkeye can be the difference between winning and losing a few million pounds and seeing your world ranking fall.

Explore our free MapSearch service, or read about MapSearch’s latest enhancements.

Katie Gordon-Smith
By Katie Gordon-Smith,
Head of Business Development