Web pages on Gov UK

It’s been a roller coaster ride, but we are now approaching the final stages of our move to www.gov.uk

We’re not adopting a ‘big bang’ approach, rather a gradual transition, which means that various sections of the current site will start to appear on GOV.UK. Don’t worry; our current site will remain unchanged right up until the day we launch on GOV.UK.

How will this work?

We’re creating pages on the GOV.UK site and releasing them in sections. You can now visit www.gov.uk and search for ‘HM Land Registry’ where you’ll start to see an increasing list of our content – this week our Business e-Services and practice guides went live.

Please note, the portal will stay as is, it’s just the content on our corporate site that’s finding a new home.

Finding your way around GOV.UK

Most traditional web sites have a ‘site map’ where there is a hierarchy of pages, and users follow a logical path through to their destination. Content on www.gov.uk is based on users ‘searching’ for everything that they are looking for, rather like Google.

When you view your search results you’ll also notice that it’s not just HM Land Registry content that is displayed – the GOV.UK site will collate relevant content based on each individual search. For example if you searched for ‘registering your land’ you would see a link to this page where you have information and links to both HM Land Registry and The Rural Land Register.

What happens when we ‘launch’?

The new url (web address) will be www.gov.uk/land-registry – there is currently a temporary page. When we’re finished, this will look similar to DVLA’s homepage. We will however keep our familiar ‘Aerial’ logo.

On launch day, all the current web links will redirect to the appropriate page on GOV.UK. If there’s a direct alternative, you will arrive on the page itself, or if content has merged with other relevant material, a link may direct you to a hub page with a few choices.

We’ll keep you updated with changes on GOV.UK right here, so please check back and we’ll provide regular updates with all the information you need through this transition.

Tim Buick
By Tim Buick,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry