I’m Paul Chambers, Product Manager in the HM Land Registry Alpha development team.

As part of our journey through our LR Connect programme, we’re building new digital services designed around our customer needs. The phase of development I’m working on is the Alpha. This follows the recent ‘proof-of-concept’ project – where we looked at ‘what can we possibly do?’ and this is the ‘how can we do it?’.

The team is made up of HM Land Registry and Government Digital Service (GDS) people, mainly based in Croydon, although we’re experimenting with teams working remotely in Plymouth. We’re also working with our customers to gather insight and understand their needs.

From HM Land Registry, we have a mix of operations, legal, fraud, customer insight and information services expertise. We’re all ‘paired’ with someone from GDS, to help with the iterative, user-centric ways of working, and the web technologies and programming languages which are relatively new to HM Land Registry. This means that we’re increasing HM Land Registry’s skills and knowledge as part of the project.

We’re working on the 7th floor of Trafalgar House. You’ll find us surrounded by post-it notes and drawings…for a ‘digital’ project you’ll find a lot of our methods are practical and paper-based initially. We work in small groups identifying and prioritising the problems we need to solve as we help to build a digital land registry.

My role is to deliver the Alpha phase of the project in October – that means that I make day-to-day decisions on what we are developing, and the priority we give each page, button or gizmo we add. I don’t decide the ‘how’ – we have some really skilful developers from HM Land Registry and GDS, so I let them get on with the technical stuff, like deciding which software to use or build.

The feedback we get throughout the project, from ‘intelligent challenge’ sessions with HM Land Registry staff to direct research with our customers, helps my decision-making (including sending us back to the drawing board when the feedback is bad). We build something, test it, improve it, test it again, and so on…it’s never ‘finished’.

We’ll be posting updates here on the Alpha – and if you want to get involved email or tweet @HMLandRegistry #LRConnect

Paul Chambers
By Paul Chambers,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry