We have amended a number of our forms to make it simpler for conveyancers to certify they hold evidence when submitting these applications by post.

This brings the certification guidance for postal applications in line with our guidance for electronic applications.

Conveyancers will be able to certify they hold evidence that supports the following application types, rather than sending us the physical evidence.

  • Forms AS1, AS2, AS3, DJP, HR1, HR2, SEV, RX1, RX4, UN1, UN2, UN3, UN4 and WCT.

Project leader Dave Linn said: “These form amendments will make it easier for conveyancers to lodge their applications, helping us improve our service by reducing the number of unnecessary requisitions we need to raise. It should lead to less paper being used by both conveyancers and Land Registry.”

Details of the certification guidelines are included in the side notes of these forms.

The change in the guidance applies only to conveyancers. Customers who are not conveyancers will still need to submit physical evidence with their applications.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry