HPI heatmap

The four producers of official house price statistics (Land Registry, Office for National Statistics (ONS), Registers of Scotland and Land & Property Services Northern Ireland) announced in November 2013 that we’re identifying options for the production of a single definitive UK House Price Index (HPI). During 2014 we’ve concentrated on reviewing available data sources and have developed a calculation method which would be suitable for a combined HPI.

In late September we’ll start a consultation phase and invite users of house price statistics to comment on the production of a UK HPI and our proposed approach. The results will help us to confirm what people need and the development costs. Each department will then consider them against priorities. Depending on the results, we expect that a new HPI will be available in early 2016.

Our HPI will remain as it is until this work is complete. For more information on our current HPI and how it’s calculated, please see About the House Price Index, Land Registry HPI Methodology and the collaborative paper published by the ONS last year Official House Price Statistics Explained.

The most recent HPI data is available in a variety of formats for different accessibility needs:

  • Official monthly HPI publication – our most recent publication. It also includes an alternate index which takes into account repossession sales (pages 14 and 15)
  • Background data tables – we recalculate and issue these tables each month. They contain the data that we use to create our HPI each month. Non-seasonally adjusted data is included and are available as excel and csv files or as linked data
  • Search facility – find average price, sales volumes and property type for a specified location over a defined period of time

We will publish our next HPI on 26 September at 9:30. You can check publication dates for the next 12 months using our HPI release calendar.

Lorna Jordan
By Lorna Jordan,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry, UK House Price Index