Online Owner Verification

Our new Online Owner Verification service enables business customers to verify their customers’ property ownership data, against HM Land Registry records. Delivered via Business Gateway it offers speedy responses.

This new service is an enhanced version of Online Data Matching and reflects what our customers have told us they need. Significant enhancements such as partial matching mean customers have a greater chance of matching the correct property address and/or title number. Faster response times and flexible pricing options ensure high and low volume users get value for money, for an unlimited number of enquiries throughout the day.

Typically, customers will use the service to verify an address before a service is supplied, or an action executed. Business customers from across a wide spectrum of sectors routinely check their data against almost 24 million property titles.

Potential customers may include:

  • solicitor/conveyancer: check the seller’s name against the name of the registered proprietor at an early stage in the process;
  • debt recovery agencies: confirm an owner’s address before implementing the process to recover monies on behalf of their clients;
  • finance agencies: authenticate address details before finance agreements are approved;
  • retailers: use property ownership verification to help eliminate ‘hirer purchase’ fraud; and
  • trace agencies: verify property ownership to assist their clients when tracing a customer.

At HM Land Registry, we value our customers and we’re committed to listening to them when developing services to support them. As part of our data strategy, we will release our non-private ownership data at the end of March. This chargeable dataset contains ownership information for all categories of ownership apart from private individuals and overseas companies.

With the release of Online Owner Verification and our non-private ownership data, customers will have access to property ownership information for both individuals and organisations.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry