With nearly 100 new blog posts and over 1 million page views – our blog’s been busy this year. Here are our most read blog posts for 2015:

1. How old is my house?

How old is my house?

“People sometimes ask us “How old is my house?”, usually because they need this information to take out building insurance.”

2. Where are my title deeds, what are they and do I need them?

Title deeds

“HM Land Registry records are digital, so we don’t store paper title deeds. Generally, we only have the original title deeds when land or property is registered for the first time…”

3. How to find out who owns a property or piece of land

Sky view gardens

“If you are trying to track down the owner of a property then our online Find a Property service should be the starting point…”

4. What to do when a property owner dies


“Sorting out the affairs of the deceased can be quite tricky. Dealing with the property is often just one task of many…”

5. A title deed is a friend indeed

Land certificate

“If your land or property is unregistered then you should keep your deeds safe but you may wish to consider registering your ownership instead…”

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Caroline Kyriazis
By Caroline Kyriazis,

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry