Land Registry responded positively to all the recommendations made by Independent Complaints Reviewer (ICR) Elizabeth Derrington in 2013/14, according to her annual report.

The ICR team dealt with 127 complaints and carried out full reviews on 22.

The remaining complainants were either given advice on taking forward their concerns or the complaint was resolved to their satisfaction following the team’s intervention.

The complaints reported on encompassed 55 separate issues of which 18 (33 per cent) were upheld. The remainder were not upheld. Ms Derrington made 26 recommendations to Land Registry as a result. Thirty-five per cent were for an apology and 23 per cent for a consolatory payment. The others included a review of procedures and/or guidance, a reminder to staff of existing procedures and/or guidance, and a review of or improvements to public information.

“Land Registry responded positively, giving serious consideration to all my recommendations – even where, in the case of recommendations for systemic improvement, it has ultimately decided that the action proposed would be impracticable,” said Ms Derrington in her report.

“ICREST (Land Registry’s ICR Evaluation & Study Team) continues to facilitate and monitor the implementation of systemic recommendations and I pay tribute to its determination to ensure that lessons are learned and that service to customers is continuously improved.”

Anyone who has made a complaint to Land Registry and is dissatisfied with the outcome can ask the ICR to review the matter. Ms Derrington is supported by a small team of staff seconded from Land Registry but her office is not a part of Land Registry and she is not a civil servant.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry