In January 2015, we introduced a new central PO Box/DX address so business customers can send their applications and correspondence straight to our scanning centre. We introduced the address because the postal redirects from our local offices to our scanning centre were causing inconsistent delivery times.

More than half of our customers now use the new addresses (roughly 65 per cent) to ensure their postal applications reach us as quickly as possible in order to be added to the daylist and have priority.

We plan to remove the postal redirects this August. If you’re a business customer and you’re not already sending postal applications and correspondence to the central PO Box/DX address, we encourage you to update your records with our new address and start using it as soon as possible. Find out where to send your postal applications and correspondence.

When we remove the postal redirects, business customers will need to send their applications to the new address to ensure they are captured (added to the daylist and have priority) as quickly as possible.

We have published a ‘registrar’s direction’ that confirms the new central PO Box/DX address is the address for all the ‘Proper Offices’. We capture applications when they arrive at a Proper Office and an application will not be deemed to have been delivered to the proper office (for the purpose of rule 15 of the Land Registration Act 2002) until it is received at the new, central PO Box/DX address. View the registrar’s direction.

Most of our customers now send their applications electronically through our portal and we recommended electronic delivery when getting priority on our daylist is important. Find out more about our Business e-Services and sign up so you can lodge applications electronically through the Land Registry portal.

The registrar’s direction won’t have an impact on how quickly we capture applications that are addressed to our local offices until the redirects are switched off. Once we remove the redirects, applications received at local offices will be forwarded to the central address and they won’t be captured until they arrive there.

Find out more about why we introduced the central addresses.

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Antony Hart
By Antony Hart,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry