The continuing growth in the property market has led to an increase in the number of registration applications you’re submitting. We want to process and complete them as quickly as possible and there are a few steps you can take to help us do that.

Sending your applications online is the quickest way to get them to us. Our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) is a great success – 88 per cent of updates to an existing register that affect a whole property (dealings of whole) are submitted online.

Electronic applications for dealings of whole carry a 50 per cent reduction on the fee for postal applications and you also benefit from no postal costs, an online audit trail and guaranteed priority for your application.

We believe this is working well for you and for us. However, in this busy time we are regularly finding a number of errors in electronic applications and they can all lead to a delay in completing registration.

Please ensure you provide us with:

  • good quality scanned images

We make official copies from the documents you lodge, so it’s important they are clear and legible to prevent errors being made in registration and to preserve the integrity of the register, which includes filed deeds.

  • a single document in each scanned file

Each attachment to an application must comprise one document only. If you lodge a number of documents as a single attachment, we will ask you to relodge these as separate documents. Each one will require recertification (see below).

  • plans attached to a deed

Plans lodged as a separate attachment to the deed will not be accepted. All plans lodged for registration must be attached to the deed.

  • correct certification

The following certification options are available.

  • ‘Certified’ – I/We certify this attachment is a true copy of the original document.
  • ‘Certified by another’ – I/We certify this attachment is a true copy of a document which is certified by a conveyancer to be a true copy of the original.
  • ‘Not certified’ – This attachment is an uncertified copy.

The ‘certified’ status is also appropriate for any documents that are uploaded in an electronic format. This could include application forms, stamp duty land tax evidence and third party consents.

  • a complete application with the correct deed attached

Please check there are no missing pages, that the application is otherwise complete and that there are no discrepancies within it. Please also ensure the correct deed is attached.

Any plan that requires amendment must be signed and the whole deed must be rescanned (rule 213, Land Registration Rules 2003).

  • the correct title or titles

With some applications made against the wrong title, such as those sent via the portal, we may be able to recapture them against the correct title. With others, such as those sent via Business Gateway, you will always be asked to resubmit a fresh application against the appropriate titles. Please include all appropriate titles on form AP1.

More information on GOV.UK about how to lodge applications.

Pascal Lalande
By Pascal Lalande,
Central Operations Manager at HM Land Registry