Following a highly successful trial period, Property Alert has now been released as a full service.

Property Alert is a free property monitoring service aimed at anyone who feels their registered property could be at risk from fraud. It is the latest counter-fraud measure that we have introduced to help protect people’s most valuable asset – their home. Once you have signed up to the service, you will receive email alerts when official searches1 and applications2 are received against your monitored properties, allowing you to take action if necessary.


During the trial period, nearly 3,000 people registered to receive alerts. We ran a survey to gather feedback which showed that most people found the service easy to sign up to. Comments included: “An excellent service that I’m sure people will find really useful” and “very simple and fast to use.”

Thanks to the feedback we received during the trial, we have made some changes which we hope will make the service even easier to use. We also have a list of future enhancements which we will consider over the coming year including SMS alerts.

If you haven’t already signed up you can visit for more details and to register.

And don’t forget to keep sending us your feedback so we can make sure the service continues to meet your needs – email us at

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See our latest press release about Property Alert.


1. Official searches: It is a mechanism which allows people, such as house buyers or mortgage lenders, to protect their interest before the actual purchase or mortgage is recorded in the register. It can be sent to us up to 30 working days before the application is sent.

2. Applications for registration: An application is a formal request to change the details of a registered title. Applications can be made to make a variety of changes to a register. The most common types of application are to record the sale of a property or a mortgage or other secured loan.

Liz Taylder
By Liz Taylder,
Deputy Product Manager at HM Land Registry, Data Group