For many organisations, gathering a comprehensive overview of their property portfolio is vitally important for their business.

Housing associations need it to fulfil certain regulatory responsibilities, property developers and investors need to analyse their funding potential, large organisations may want to check their asset ownership while solicitors may be instructed  to analyse one or all of the above for their clients.

However collecting all this data can be time-consuming, and it may not even be readily available within the business. That’s why we have developed our Property Portfolio Consolidator (PPC) service. PPC takes away the hassle by providing an overview of every registered property you or your client own, with data coming directly from the definitive source of property ownership information in England and Wales.

To begin with we carry out a search of the register by developing a robust set of search terms with you. From the results we compile a report which includes the title number, property address and tenure of every property found, as well as any relevant property ownership and charge information. We also provide a CD with official copies of the register in PDF format for each registered title analysed.

The information can then either help create an asset database for the organisation or confirm the data already held in it. Comparison of the results against the existing database can also help you identify any anomalies within the portfolio – anomalies that if not identified and acted upon could increase the risk of financial loss.

For example the results could show some properties as not registered, the correspondence address as out of date or instances where the class and tenure of the title could be significantly improved.

We also offer a range of other optional services to enhance the PPC results. If you or your client has a geographic information system (GIS) we can provide an ownership layer of all the titles. We can also provide current and historical price paid information for each property as well as any associated lease details.

To keep this essential information current we also offer an update service of flexible regularity. We complete a full re-run of the original search before sending a report showing all the changes to affect it.

Since we introduced PPC in 2011 our customers have appreciated how quickly the service provides data proven to be essential in helping make important strategy and management decisions.

Karen Morley of Together Housing Group agrees: “The service was quick, efficient and economical and saved us a lot of time and effort, giving us all of the Land Registry information relating to the housing association from one enquiry so that we knew that we had captured all of the registered titles.”

To find out more about  Property Portfolio Consolidator and how it could be of benefit to your or your client’s business, contact our Commercial Services team on 0300 006 0478 or at

Jon Parker
By Jon Parker,
Marketing Executive at HM Land Registry