Whilst sat watching user research on the alpha – testing on a proposed layout of the register and title plan with members of the public, it struck me how complicated these documents can be for users…

Comments ran along the lines of “I’m not sure what this means, but I’m sure a conveyancer would” and “couldn’t this be written in a way that makes more sense to me”, which proves the importance of designing our new digital services around user needs.

Based on our user research we’ve prototyped and reorganised the layout of the register and title plan.

Register protoype

We’ve reformatted the entries to make them easier to see and read, and prioritised information based on what users have said are the most important parts of the register. As well as using plain English for some of the headers we’ve added links to guidance to explain what the entries mean.

Another important change is bringing a number of existing services into one place so users would be able to see the following information together on GOV.UK:

  • Register
  • Title Plan
  • Official Documents
  • Related Titles
  • Daylist Information
  • Historical Daylist Information
  • Historical Editions of the Register

We’re still in prototype phase, but our initial user research shows there’s a real appetite for changing the way we present and give access to HM Land Registry information.

For more information or to get involved please email LRConnect@landregistry.gov.uk or tweet #LRConnect @HMLandRegistry

Paul Chambers
By Paul Chambers,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry