On Monday 17 March our new Fee Order will come into force. We will be introducing:

  • a flat fee for all ‘inspection of documents’ and ‘official copy of document’ (OC2) applications
  • a reduction in the number of fee bands for scale 1 registrations
  • a reduction in the fee for scale 1 registrations of properties priced between £80,001 and £100,000
  • a 50 per cent reduction in fee for the registration of transfers of the whole of a registered title, charges of the whole of a registered title and transfers of charges and some fixed fee applications if made electronically.

To prepare for the new Fee Order we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the details on our website and make any necessary changes to your processes and systems.

Customers who submit their applications by post should note any postal applications submitted on or after Friday 14 March should include the new fee as these will arrive at our offices on or after 17 March. Applications submitted using Business e-services will be charged the correct fee automatically via variable direct debit.

If you’re planning to save money by lodging certain applications electronically through the portal and Business Gateway, you’ll also benefit from further improvements to our digital services.

Enhancements to our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) in March will allow you to submit electronic applications to:

  • register the sale or mortgage of any registered property
  • register and extend leases on any registered property

whether the application affects the whole of the property or part of it.

We have also released a ‘beta’ version of our new MapSearch service, which offers you an online map that contains the location and title number of every registered property in England and Wales. You can access MapSearch free of charge through the portal to quickly establish whether a property is registered and obtain a title number.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry