As well as introducing MapSearch and making significant enhancements to our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) we have also been looking at which services are in decline and not used as regularly by our portal customers.

As a result of our research we have decided to withdraw our ‘Official Copy by Property Description – postal’ service from the portal information services menu as of 17 March 2014.


Portal screen where this service used to be found

We have found that only a very small number of our customers used the ‘postal’ service – in fact less than 1% of title numbers are obtained this way.

When we looked at how our customers request official copies of the register online we found that the majority now use our ‘Request official copy’ service for £3 per copy. The ‘postal’ service that we are withdrawing attracts a higher fee of £6 per copy.

To request an official copy using the ‘Request official copy service’, the customer provides either a title number or at least one of:

  • a flat/house name or number and postcode
  • a flat/house street and town
  • the postcode alone.

If a customer does not have a title number, they can usually obtain it through:

  • the free to use property search feature in ‘Request Official copies’
  • our new, free to use digital service MapSearch.

Map Search allows portal customers to search an online Index Map, establish whether a property is registered and obtain title numbers for free.

Once you have received your digital version of the official copy title plan obtained through ‘Request Official copies’, you can follow our printing guidance to create a paper copy. See Preparing plans for Land Registry applications (PG40s2) practice Guide 40, Supplement 2, section 9.8 ‘Plans printed from PDF’.

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Angela Jackson
By Angela Jackson,
Digital Service Manager at HM Land Registry