Regular users of any dataset are likely to be accustomed to data revisions, which can occur for a number of reasons. This also applies to HM Land Registry data, for example, to our Price Paid Data (PPD) which tracks residential property sales in England and Wales that are lodged with us for registration.

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To release data at the earliest opportunity, we record the PPD at the initial stage of registering a sale. This means that sometimes while processing a case, we identify revisions that need to be made. We also encourage feedback on our data.  When customers notice any anomalies or discrepancies in the data, we will amend or remove the entries, in line with our data rules.

These revisions are included in the ‘current month’ file published on our Price Paid Data page and on an average month they account for approximately seven per cent of the sales being reported.

Whilst working on enhancements to PPD which we hope to publish this summer, we realised that some further revisions had been missed out of recent monthly files. These relate to sales lodged with us since October 2013, which should have been flagged as deletions and total around one per cent of an average monthly file.

Today Friday 27 March, we release the February file. It includes these deletions dating back to October 2013, alongside the usual monthly additions, changes, and deletions.

For customers that use the single or yearly files, the February data already takes into account these revisions. The same applies to those making use of the PPD Report Builder or our Linked Data. We can also confirm that the increase in revisions for February has not had any significant impact on the House Price Index.

We are committed to maintaining a robust source of Price Paid Data, we do our best to ensure it is as accurate as it can be and suitable for our customers’ needs. If you have any feedback or queries on this month’s publication, please contact us at commercial services.

Lorna Jordan
By Lorna Jordan,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry, UK House Price Index