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I work in the Business Development team that manages Business Gateway, our automated service for customer case management systems to access our property records.

Recently, one of our customers, tmgroup started using our Register Extract Service, through Business Gateway. This is a service that conveyancers use to populate their system with property register details direct from our data.

tmgroup have been clever in the way they’ve used our Register Extract service and developed a new automated tool. The tool streamlines their client’s property transactions by automating system updates, which saves them time (lots of!) and money. So a great news story.

Why did they develop this tool and how much time does it save?

tmgroup help their customers manage property transactions more effectively, providing their clients with a wide choice of property data, insurance and risk management tools. During a process review they realised that conveyancers would typically spend up to 8 hours ordering and reviewing titles and Official Copies (OC1) on a typical portfolio of 100 properties. So they started considering ways to reduce this time.

Using our Register Extract Service through Business Gateway, conveyancers can manage enquiry submissions, check title details and order Official Copies. The lengthy detailed nature of this process created an opportunity for tmgroup to design their new tool – which is a way that they can deliver these documents in a format (XML) which can pre-populate their customer systems. This meant that it removed the need for manual input and possible human error. So it’s reduced the whole process to a matter of minutes. A real time saver.

It’s also increased accuracy and assurance for tmgroup. An audit was done by Legal Eye who cross-referenced the data with the Official Copies. These checks verified that the data was 100% accurate. Another real positive.

Ben Harris, Sales & Marketing Director at tmgroup, said:

“We’ve received a great response to the launch of this new and unique tool, having collaborated with some of our key clients and partners, including the Land Registry. This exciting piece of technology was led by our customer’s requirements and we are proud to continue to innovate and develop new services which save conveyancers lots of time and streamline what is currently a very manual process.”

 Are you a conveyancer and interested in saving time?

If you deal with housing associations or other property portfolios, you could also save time and money by using our Register Extract Service.

We’re keen to discuss any ideas for market innovation to continue to assist the conveyancing market and give assurance.

For more information get in touch with the Business Development Team

Learn more about tmgroup’s LR Extraction Tool.

David Lockett
By David Lockett,
Business Development Manager at HM Land Registry