In August we reported that we planned to start electronically scanning paper applications at the beginning of the registration process.

Scanning has now begun for some applications and their associated documents. It enables us to handle the applications more flexibly and efficiently as electronic applications, making it much easier to direct the applications to the best places to process them.

First registrations however will not be scanned. They will continue to be processed as paper applications by the four offices now handling all first registrations.

As a result of the change all postal applications are now being redirected to our scanning centre, which may mean they take up to a day longer to reach us.

You can ensure your postal applications retain daylist priority by applying for the appropriate protection, such as an official search. If you need to confirm that we have received your postal application, you can make a free daylist enquiry in the portal.

There are electronic alternatives for nearly everything customers do with us by post. You can:

Changes to the portal
To support the new process we have been working with a range of customers to build a new PDF download area on the portal for launch this winter.

The version we are currently testing allows portal users to view all application results for their organisation or to filter by a particular individual. Individuals who send applications through e-DRS will continue to receive the result in their own personal PDF downloads area.

The test version enables access to any completed application lodged via e-DRS, Information Services or Network Services as well as any completed application lodged by post when:

  • the application relates to a property already registered with us
  • you supply a valid key number with the application
  • any associated title plans are no larger than A3
  • the application does not include any explanatory or supplementary plans.

If we cannot upload a posted application to the PDF download area, the completed results will come to you in the post as they do now.

While these changes will improve our existing services, they also lay the foundations for new services we are developing from the ground up with our customers’ needs at their core.

We will keep you up to date on progress on the new download area in Landnet and via this blog.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry