Some of our practice guides and a technical manual have been removed from our website thanks to the availability of alternative guidance. Recently we have:

  • developed our YouTube channel to offer a wealth of tutorials and guidance videos about our Business e-services
  • provided a number of training modules in our Customer training section
  • integrated guidance for our customers within the services themselves.

While introducing so much new online guidance, we have also looked at where some of our existing written guides are now copied elsewhere. That’s why we have decided to withdraw the following.

Technical Manual Part 2

With more accessible, easy-to-follow visual demonstrations of how to use our services now available, we have decided to withdraw this manual. We have also made some small amendments to the Technical Manual Part 1 to remove references to the Technical Manual Parts 1 and 2. This single manual will describe the technical aspects and requirements for using our Business e-services. At the same time, we have removed the section in the Technical Manual Part 1 which refers to citizen accounts. We will restore this section when necessary. We have also updated our Code of Practice to refer to the single technical manual. The code governs changes we make to the Network Access Agreement and to the Technical Manual. As we are not changing the substance of the code, we will not be consulting on the changes.

Practice Guide 45 – Receiving and replying to notices by email

When you receive a notice from us by email, we include all the guidance you need to reply.

Practice Guide 46 – Land Registry forms

You can find full details about our forms on our forms page.

Practice Guide 51 – Where to send paper applications

The details are available on our Office Finder page.

Practice Guide 59 – Receiving and replying to requisitions by email

When you receive a requisition notice from us, we provide suitable guidance on how to respond.

Practice Guide 71 – Electronic services

You can find full details about our electronic services on the Business e-services pages of our website.

Further support

If you need any support when using our services, you can contact our Customer Support.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry