We have made three enhancements to our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) to save customers time and money.

The first allows you to send electronic applications to extend the term of an existing registered lease via the Land Registry portal. We have created a video to demonstrate the service.

Secondly we have increased the file size limit for e-DRS attachments from 3.6MB to 10MB. This will allow you to attach larger documents such as leases with your e-DRS applications.

Thirdly the wording of certification statements for customers who use e-DRS through the portal has changed to the following.

  • I/We certify this attachment is a true copy of the original document.
  • I/We certify this attachment is a true copy of a document which is certified by a conveyancer to be a true copy of the original.
  • This attachment is an uncertified copy.

The revised certification statements can be selected or changed by use of a radio button, or option button, rather than the previous drop-down menu. The first statement will be pre-selected as a default setting.

For more information please contact Head of Product Development Angela Jackson.

If you would like to be involved in user testing events for a planned e-DRS launch to include transfers of part and new leases out of a registered title, please contact Angela or Julie-Anne Soper, via lrconnect@landregistry.gov.uk.

E-DRS was launched a year ago on 3 December 2012, when we received:
• 323 applications (139 via the portal, 184 via Business Gateway)
• from 71 different customers (65 via the portal, six via Business Gateway).

On 3 December 2013 we received:
• 2,510 e-DRS applications (1,625 via the portal, including 20 dispositionary first leases, and 865 via Business Gateway)
• from 479 different customers (470 via the portal, eight via Business Gateway and one that used both channels).

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Editor at HM Land Registry