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I’m Jodie Ware, a Customer Team Leader in Peterborough. I recently spent a day shadowing Paul Chambers, the Product Manager on one of the new digital service projects based in Croydon, to learn about how HM Land Registry has adopted Agile working.

I already had an interest in Agile and wanted to build on this in the hope that some of what I saw I could bring back to Peterborough and implement within my team, and potentially introduce some Agile practices into our Leadership Team meetings. Additionally, I hoped it would give me a better understanding of the future direction of HM Land Registry.

With a feeling of nervous excitement, I exited the lift on the 7th floor and took the short walk to where the Agile teams were based. I was greeted with a buzz of activity as I saw groups of people huddled around laptops, while others standing around a plasma in deep conversation with colleagues at other offices. I could see hundreds of Post-it notes and inspirational messages on the wall.

I attended the Digital Charge team stand up where each team member talks about what they did the day before, what they plan to do today and any impediments or blockers that may stop them from achieving this. I attended a discovery meeting for digital transfers and was lucky enough to attend a show and tell to the LR Board on the Property page and Digital Charge Betas. This only made up half the time I was there.

Paul asked me if I had enjoyed my day, to which I replied:

“yes, but I honestly can’t tell you which bit, my head is buzzing with ideas”.

The thing that struck me most from the day was the sense that those working in Agile teams truly believe in what they’re doing; they’re passionate about their projects and genuinely excited by the way they work. If I can bring anything back to my own team and on a larger scale to the office, it would be to try and generate the same feeling of empowerment that the Agile teams feel; the confidence to try new things and new ways of approaching issues. Also accepting that we may get some things wrong along the way, but at the same time we may come up with something that’s really good and might make everything a little bit better.

Jodie Ware
By Jodie Ware,
Customer Team Leader at HM Land Registry