Today’s enhancements to the Land Registry portal allow customers to send us new types of applications and send us bigger files through the electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS). These enhancements aim to help e-DRS users save even more time and reduce their postal costs further.

New Lease Extension Service

Portal customers can now send us electronic applications to extend the term of an existing registered lease.

If you missed the Lease extension service demonstration video that we posted at the start of the month, you can view it here:

File Size Increase

In response to requests from customers, we have increased the file size limit for e-DRS attachments from 3.6MB to 10MB. This will allow our customers to attach larger documents such as leases with their e-DRS applications.

For more information about the e-DRS Lease Extension Service and other system changes please contact us.

Angela Jackson
By Angela Jackson,
Digital Service Manager at HM Land Registry