Today we announced that from Monday 30 June our guidelines for supporting documentation with HM Land Registry applications will be changing.

From 30 June, if you submit your applications to us by post to change the register of a registered property, you will no longer need to send us original documents. We will accept certified copies of deeds or documents.

You can still send us original documents with your applications. However, once we have made a scanned copy, we will destroy the original. If you send us certified copies instead, you won’t lose your originals.

If you are submitting first registrations, you will still need to send us originals. The changes we are making only apply to applications which change the register for registered properties.


For our Business e-services customers, this is nothing new. If you use our e-Document Registration Service, you will already be submitting applications with certified copies. We are therefore pleased to be introducing this guidance for paper applications. Our guidance is now consistent with applications lodged using our electronic channels. It should also be easier for you to follow.

Later this year, we plan to introduce a process to scan all applications when we receive them. This will enable more efficient processing of applications. We will share more details about this process as plans progress.

We will be updating our official guidance in our practice and public guides when the changes come into effect. However, if you intend to submit applications to us from 30 June, be sure to find out all the details in our latest news article. This links through to some detailed questions and answers about our new guidance. If you want to find out more about how you can submit your applications to us using one of our electronic channels, please visit our website.

Charlotte Fretwell
By Charlotte Fretwell,
Product owner at HM Land Registry