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Working with Conveyancers at our Digital Mortgage event

Event attendees

A big thank you to the conveyancer customers and their software providers for coming along to our Digital Mortgage event on 20 October.

Our Digital Mortgage service is being built with feedback from Lenders and their Conveyancer agents. The service will support an easy, quick and secure online mortgage experience for homeowners. We plan to launch our public beta in March 2016.

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Project promotes cross-border conveyancing

We have recently been involved with developing a system aimed at facilitating the conveyancing process across the EU. The project is called CROBECO, which stands for “Cross Border e-Conveyancing”. The second part of this project is drawing to a close, following its closing conference in London on 1 December.

Our Local Land Charges proposals – latest news

Over the last two months we have continued to discuss and provide regular updates about our Local Land Charges (LLC) proposals. This follows our announcement in June of legislation for Land Registry to become the sole registering authority for LLC in England and Wales. Members of our LLC Team went to Bournemouth in July to…

Execution of deeds by local authorities

Local authorities are significant landowners. About 770,000 titles (3 per cent of the current total) are registered to local authorities. It is not surprising then that local authorities are often involved in conveyancing transactions. Most local authorities execute deeds using a seal, although parish and community councils are expressly exempted from any requirement to keep…

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