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Protect yourself from property fraud during scams awareness month

July is scams awareness month led by Citizens Advice.

One type of fraud that can result in the victim being defrauded out of their most valuable asset – their home – is property fraud. This is why Land Registry works closely with agencies such as the police to try to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs. However, no system is ever 100 per cent effective in preventing fraud which is why we have introduced several measures home-owners can take to reduce their risk from property fraud.

What is ‘land banking’?

You could be forgiven for thinking that ‘land banking’, that has been in the news recently, is something to do with obsessive-compulsive property developers or a technique for beating your opponent at Monopoly. So if that isn’t the case, what exactly is it? Land banking means buying undeveloped land with the intention to split it…

Counter-fraud restriction for companies: form RQ(Co)

Form RQ

We’ve recently introduced a new security measure for companies who own registered property and are concerned it might be subject to a fraudulent sale or mortgage. Tenanted, unoccupied or mortgage-free properties are known to be particularly vulnerable. Property fraud can happen in many ways. Fraudsters may attempt to acquire ownership of a property either by using a…