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Old HPI search tool to be withdrawn

Old HPI Tool

On 30 April 2014, we launched an enhanced version of our Search the House Price Index (HPI) tool, in response to customer feedback. Since launch, almost half of all users have opted to use the new improved version. The rapid adoption of the new search tool means the number of customers using the old version…

Our House Price Index

House Price Index

We’ve been seeing a greater interest in our own House Price Index (HPI) each month, so we thought it could be a good time to provide some more information about what we publish each month and how we calculate it. Our HPI captures changes in the value of residential properties. Based on our price paid…

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Improving house price information transparency

The housing market affects everyone in some way, so it is no surprise that house price data is so keenly monitored. As an organisation, we fully support the principles of open data and transparency as a driver for economic growth, and will release our data whenever possible.

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