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HM Land Registry joins the ODI

We are now a proud member of the Open Data Institute (ODI) – joining like-minded organisations from business, the public sector and academia. Through collaboration we hope to develop better ways of helping our customers unlock new enterprises and social value from our data.

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Tracing the origins of Transaction Data

Aerial photo of suburban street

The roots of our Transaction Data go all the way back to our foundation in 1862 and the first land and property applications submitted to us for registration. Over more than 150 years we’ve been amassing a rich store of information, now available in digital format.

Transaction Data calculates the number of submitted applications we’ve completed, by account customers (typically conveyancers and/or lenders) in the preceding month.

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What’s the benefit of Linked Data?

Linked Data has the power to deliver a web of rich, interconnected information, where data is not just clumps of zeros and ones parked somewhere in a spreadsheet, but a sea of meaningful connections ready for you to use.

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Data release best practice

We received praise for good data release practices, at the recent Inside Government Unlocking the Benefits of Open Data in the Public Sector event.

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Telling stories with open data and maps

CartoDB at the Illustreets event

On Wednesday 2 July, our Head Office played host to a special event “Telling stories with open data and maps”. Organised by Illustreets and sponsored by CartoDB, the evening event invited developers, software engineers, consultants, policy makers and data users to share open-data knowledge and ideas through discussion and illustration. As well as encouraging collaboration among data…

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New feature for popular MapSearch service

A new feature has been added to our free-to-use web-based MapSearch service. MapSearch allows Business e-services customers to quickly establish whether land and property in England or Wales is registered. You can view the location of the registered land or property and obtain title numbers and details of freehold or leasehold tenure and other registered…

1860s property records released

1862 registers

Land Registry has today (31 March 2014), released details of the first properties registered under the Land Registry Act 1862. Anyone researching a family tree or tracing the history of a property can view or download almost 2,000 records free of charge from Land Registry’s website.

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