Our Digital Register service is now in private beta. The new service will allow anyone to view a property register. So far, we have a limited number of people using the service where they can do a basic property search and locate title information. Throughout the beta, we’ve been continuing to test and improve what we’ve developed.

In March 2016, we plan to go into public beta, where everyone will be able to use the service. We’ll continue to gather feedback and improve the service. This will meet all the user needs identified during the discovery, alpha and beta phases.

Digital register

Property register in our prototype

Want to see our prototype?

  1. View the Digital Register prototype
  2. Click the ‘search’ button
  3. On the search results page, select ’14a Mandela Way, Southampton, SO15 5RZ’
  4. Select either option to view the information and go through the steps to view the register. You don’t need to enter real contact details or bank details

So what are we currently working on?

We have a new database for storing property registers. This means we can now show private individual property titles, as well as company owned.

We’re also working on 2 big developments to the service. The first is the ability for users to create an online account. This will allow you to log on and access the different services, eg a summary of our data or the whole register.

The second is widening the geographical area that users can view. In the next couple of weeks, we plan to include Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Wales and Coventry.

Paul Chambers
By Paul Chambers,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry