Search results for Land Registry in Google

We are sometimes contacted by customers who are unsure as to which ‘Land Registry’ website is the official government one. Often they have used an online search engine and been presented with multiple results. So how do you know you are then selecting the official Land Registry website?

  • look out for GOV.UK in the URL address, for example, ours is;
  • recognise that on many search engine sites the ‘top’ listings will have paid to advertise or sponsor the link and appear at the top of the results list. They will often be referred to as ‘Ads related to …..’ or similar; and
  • check the website information states you are using our official service – if you are unsure then read the About Us or similar information as this will provide details about the organisation or company which own the site you are on. If the site is one which obtains some of their information from us then it should make it clear here.

If you think a website is misleading, you can report it to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Other websites may offer different services and products which will often include information obtained from us. We have a relationship with commercial service providers (companies not part of Land Registry or connected to us in any way). They can purchase information from us using exactly the same statutory process as other professionals or private individuals. The information is often re-sold to their customers at a higher price than the fee charged by us. More information about commercial service providers can be found here.

And finally, if you’re still unsure whether you are on the official site, then get in touch.

By AdamH,
Customer Service Representative at HM Land Registry Head Office