If you use our portal you will soon be able to view the progress of your applications online, in real time, anytime.

We are preparing to launch significant enhancements to Day List Enquiry. The service will be renamed ‘Application Enquiry’ and will be available from 14 March. Like MapSearch, it will be free to use.


When Application Enquiry launches, customers will be able to find secure, accurate information about applications with a user-friendly search; and find more detail than ever before including the:

  • progress status, such as: received, priority protected, in progress or delayed
  • reason an application has been delayed where applicable
  • full priority period for Official Searches.

Customers will also be able to save these details as a PDF.

The service is being enhanced after customer research revealed that only 18 per cent of customer organisations use the current Day List Enquiry. Although many who use it rate it highly, a small sampling exercise revealed that 80 per cent of users went on to call us for more information about their application. The most popular reason for this was because “clients or lenders want to know what’s happening” and to “find out about another application that is holding ours up”.

We asked customers what they require and at top of the list was “A status of whether the application has been looked at, how far down the queue it is, that type of thing”. The Application Enquiry service aims to address this and provide customers with the features they need.

Conveyancers who tested the service said: “Found the application very easily using the Land Registry reference” and “The changes I’ve seen today, particularly the progress information would massively reduce my calls to Land Registry”.

Lenders who tested the service said: “I can now see all the pieces in the puzzle” and “We won’t need to keep chasing our panel solicitors now”.

Our customers said… We did:

Customers asked to be able to search for information about an application by either Title Number or Land Registry reference. That will be possible:


Customers wanted a fuller property description and to be able to see new title numbers against each entry listed. We have added the customer reference to each application to assist with identification:


Customers will be able to get certain information about the stage and status of each application, while respecting privacy and confidentiality:


These are just some of the improvements coming to the portal, along with the ability to get information about charges that have been discharged in the previous thirty days and the Priority Period of an Official Search.

Check out the new service from 14 March.

Find out more about our online services and how to sign-up to use them.

Antony Hart
By Antony Hart,

Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry