Digital mortgage prototypes

I am the Senior Product Manager working on our new digital service, Digital Mortgage, a service that will allow conveyancers to create a digital mortgage deed, which can then be signed by the borrower(s) using a digital signature and submitted to Land Registry so we can update the register.

Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been working on this month:

Online conveyancer survey

We sent a survey out to Conveyancers that submit secured loan transactions (remortgage transactions where there is no change of ownership) to Land Registry for registration.

The aim of the survey is to make sure relevant customers have had an opportunity to view the prototype and rate each expected benefit. This helps to tell us what we need to build into the service first. It is also an opportunity to express an interest in participating in the early Beta trials. (What is a Beta?)

If you are a Conveyancer that has volumes of secured loan transactions and have not received the survey please contact me

Guerilla testing

We are doing more quick, informal testing to make sure as many potential users as possible are seeing the prototype. This builds on our findings from more formal Usability Lab research.

For example, we have been running ‘help us improve’ sessions in a public library as well as asking visitors to Land Registry offices what they think of the prototype, the surrounding user journey and the idea of an electronic signature.

We are gaining useful insights and by amending our ‘wild iteration’ version of the prototype we are able to test ideas very quickly and decide whether or not to develop them further.

Prototype updates

Based on the insights we have got from research and testing, and the service we believe we will be launching from ‘day one’, we have continued to iterate and improve the prototype.

This includes small changes, like wording – to big changes, like the layout of the mortgage deed when shown to a borrower*

*if you have been following our progress and were wondering, we split it up over a number of pages. This makes it clearer as to what each part of the agreement is. It seems to have improved understanding a lot!

View the prototype versions The latest version (which we continue to change) is V3.1

What next?

The survey results will be analysed next week, and we will share the results in our next blog update. We will also continue to test and refine the borrower’s signature stage of the prototype.

To see our ongoing work on creating the first version of the Private Beta service, see the latest prototype versions

Angela Jackson
By Angela Jackson,
Digital Service Manager at HM Land Registry