Portal users can now contact us while using our Application Enquiry service and request the expedition of an application. We will only grant expedition requests when a delay to registration is likely to cause hardship or put a dependent transaction at risk.

A new ‘still need to contact us?’ online form allows users of our free Application Enquiry service to request a progress update for a submitted application or its expedition. These enhancements mean customers get even greater support monitoring and managing their applications.


The Application Enquiry service launched in March 2016. The service reflects customer feedback, allowing users to access accurate information about pending applications. Users can search by title number or Land Registry’s reference to check:

  • an application’s progress status
  • the reason an application has been delayed, where applicable
  • recent discharge activity
  • full priority period for Official Searches.

This real-time information lets customers know the status of applications. They can then decide if a progress update request or expedition request is reasonable and take the appropriate action.

Request a progress update

Customers can request an update when the information supplied does not meet their need. It is worth noting that:

  • often we can only provide more detailed information to the user who submitted the application
  • in many cases we can only give an indication when an application will be registered. It is rarely possible to predict an applications completion time with any certainty.

We will give customer feedback by email or a callback. A range of 2 hour time-slots, up to five days in advance are available.


Request an expedition

Customers can request an applications expedition by clicking on ‘Still need to contact us?’ They then need to complete the contact details before selecting the ‘Request an expedite’ option.

From the drop-down menu select the expedition reason and submit supporting evidence, this will enable us to judge the request. When the assessments is complete, we will email the decision to the customer.


Read the user guide for full details about the service and step-by-step guidance.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry