By the end of March 2014 we plan to have enhanced our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) on both the portal and Business Gateway. The enhancements will allow customers to send us electronic applications to:

  • transfer part of a property
  • register new leases.


Our new overview page of Registration services, which we will provide on e-DRS

These new enhancements, combined with additions to e-DRS in November allowing customers to extend leases electronically, mean that customers will be soon able to:

  • register the sale or mortgage of any registered property
  • register and extend leases on any registered property

whether the application affects the whole of the property or part of it.

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Customers will be able to register new leases electronically for the first time

Full list of the planned e-DRS enhancements:
  • applications for Lease Extensions, New Leases and Transfers of Part will be accepted on both the portal and Business Gateway
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy, ‘SEV’ will be added to the dropdown list of document types in the portal.
  • we are increasing the limit on the number of title numbers you can send us per application from 20 title numbers to 50 on both the portal and Business Gateway.

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Transfers of Part will also be accepted on e-DRS

On Business Gateway:
  • we will be updating the Application Schema and Attachment Schema allowing customers to provide free-format notes with applications
  • the Application Schema will be updated to include values ‘Renewal of Home Rights (HR2)’, ‘Cancellation of Home Rights (HR4)’, Assent of Part (AS3)’, ‘Change of Property Description’ for an application type (along with Lease, Assent of Part & Transfers of Part)
  • we will be updating the result response for an application to include the ability to provide a fee adjustment indicator
  • we will also provide our full Register Extract Service with Business Gateway e-DRS results.

If you use e-DRS, from 17 March 2014 there is also a 50 per cent reduction in fee for the following application types

  • registration of transfers of the whole of a registered title
  • charges of the whole of a registered title
  • transfers of charges and some fixed fee applications.

More details are available on the fees pages.

Angela Jackson
By Angela Jackson,
Digital Service Manager at HM Land Registry