The Adzuna founders Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro at Number 10

The Adzuna founders Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro at Number 10

Adzuna was one of our two winners at the recent Land Registry Open Data challenge. Jenna Brown gives us a bit of background:

At, we love finding new ways of using our data and real-time job market stats to help people make better decisions. Whether it’s an individual looking for their next career move, a family trying to figure out where to move next or the government looking for insights into how to spend more effectively across the country, data is our bread and butter.

When we discovered The Land Registry Open Data Challenge, we simply couldn’t resist the chance to show how open data can be used to make the British labour market more efficient. Adzuna’s entry set out to answer the question “how can we help people in Britain make the best employment decisions from a financial perspective – to direct job-seekers to vacancies with affordable homes in commuting distance based on current salaries on offer”.

Adzuna’s unique data shows serious structural problems across the UK – high unemployment numbers and people struggling to make ends meet in some areas of the country contrasted against growing pockets of opportunity elsewhere – with lower competition for available roles, greater property affordability levels or higher average salaries. This gave our team of data experts the idea to combine Land Registry housing and Adzuna salary data, with the ultimate goal of providing jobseekers a tool to make better decisions about where to live and work. We are absolutely delighted to be named a winner in the challenge.

Helping people track down the best places to live and work in the UK is in our DNA: through our Annual Affordability Report, we have already taken steps to aid these decisions. By comparing average entry-level salaries for the top 50 cities in the UK to property asking prices and typical mortgage multiples for first time buyers, we produce an “Affordability Index” to help guide these house hunters.

In our 2013 index, Chichester was named the least affordable city for graduates in the UK to live, whereas Belfast is the most affordable. The research shows that only 0.3% of homes in Chichester are within financial reach for first-time buyers on local entry level incomes. Middlesborough, Dudley and Wolverhampton are also among the most affordable cities for graduates in Britain with up to a 99% of homes in these cities within reach.

The award win could not come at a more perfect time for us, as our team have just taken the decision to open our own data via an API to the online community, which we hope will, in turn, inspire others to build more empowering tools. The Adzuna API (an API (application programming interface) is a set of functions or routines that developers can use to access the provider’s services or data) enables anyone to access vacancy and salary statistics in real time, to our advertising partners, the media community or the business, technology and developer communities at large. The data has already attracted some well-known users, with the Prime Minister, David Cameron, already able to access Adzuna insights on the UK employment market via his iPad.

Jenna Brown
By Jenna Brown,