We aim to make our services for members of the public as straightforward as possible to use and believe it is only by working more closely with those customers that we can improve what we offer. That’s why we have set up the Citizen Centre at our Wales office and we are delighted the centre will now be accepting applications.

mailboxBack in 2011, we set up our customer teams. Business customers who signed up were assigned a single team to process their applications. This gave them a single point of contact for Land Registry and helped us to work more quickly and effectively together. We also found we learned huge amounts about how these business customers worked and how we could improve to provide a better quality of service.

We are now doing the same for members of the public who want to submit applications themselves rather than through a conveyancer.

By building on the lessons we have learned from our customer teams, we want to fulfil those citizen customers’ needs more effectively and efficiently. We anticipate the Citizen Centre will make the process of submitting applications easier as applications will need to be sent to just a single postal address.

We are excited by the prospect of learning more about our citizen customers and how we can develop our future products and services with them in mind.

Anyone with questions to ask can still contact customer support, use our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, or this blog.

Jon Parker
By Jon Parker,
Marketing Executive at HM Land Registry