Local Land Charges team at GeoCom 2015 - Photo by Diane Sandeman

LLC Team at GeoCom 2015 in Warwick

We’re currently recruiting for roles to work for the Local Land Charges (LLC) Programme. I caught up with Pam Patchett, Local Authority Relationship Coordinator, to give you an idea of what it’s like to work on the LLC Programme.

Hi Pam, can you tell us about the LLC Programme?

As you will have seen in the adverts, this is the largest programme ever undertaken by HM Land Registry. We aim to deliver a single LLC Register for England which involves consolidating all 326 registers currently held by local authorities – a very complex task given the number of stakeholders involved.

How do you support this work?

One of the key aspects at this stage is digitising all of the records so that the whole register will be accessible online. As part of the Local Authority Engagement Team (LAET) my role involves visiting local authorities to understand their existing datasets and processes. We can also answer any questions they may have and support them throughout the changes needed to develop a new service. In fact, we have just completed the first part of this exercise, managing to visit all 326 local authorities over an eight-month period, to provide insights for the other teams in the programme.

Have you always worked in LLC?

I’ve been working with the Programme for six months but have been with HM Land Registry for 26 years. I was working as an apprentice supervisor before joining the LLC Team which demonstrates the opportunities available in HM Land Registry.

Local Land Charges team at GeoCom 2015

LLC team at GeoCom 2015 in Warwick – Photo by Diane Sandeman

How would you describe the LLC team?

It is a busy and exciting team that always seems to present new challenges. You have a busy diary, organising and attending meetings across the length and breadth of the country so the ability to work on the go is essential. You often have to act as an ambassador for HM Land Registry as it’s up to you to build and maintain the relationships with key stakeholders.

What do you enjoy about working on the Programme?

I enjoy the variety of work as I can truly say that no two days are ever the same. One meeting may require interrogation of a computer system, another working with paper records and manual counting. You’re also immensely well supported. At team meetings everyone comes together to share experiences and challenges they’ve faced in meetings. We also discuss the best plan of action so that the team are fully prepared if anyone faces a similar scenario.

There is also the feeling of inclusivity. The regular Programme Days give you an insight into what is happening, the reasoning behind the decisions being made and the impact they will have on your part of the Programme.

What other activities or events have you taken part in whilst working here?

I have previously been a member of the Sports and Social committee at Nottingham. I have played in the HM Land Registry hockey team and the Civil Service Ladies football team, although the football was some 15 years ago now! I regularly attend events organised locally and nationally and am a member of the CSSC.

What tips would you give to anyone applying for a role on LLC?

  • Think about how your skills would contribute to a major transformation programme
  • Research the role of HM Land Registry in the conveyancing process and consider your own digital knowledge; what would your skills and knowledge bring to the programme?
  • Think of how you could support a successful change process.
  • Keep up to date with our blogs to establish background knowledge of the programme and then consider your own strengths.

Ask yourself, how could you influence the changes that we are implementing?

Thank you Pam. For updates on future roles please follow us on @HMLandRegistry, LinkedIn or join us on Facebook.

Nana Crawford
By Nana Crawford,
Social Media Officer at HM Land Registry