The Assured Property Group began working with Land Registry in June 2013, after a client asked if we could build a bespoke report for a pub chain with over 7,000 sites. This was a large project as it required a dedicated team of people to manually draw around every single site using a dated online platform. Finally, they would then need to go to a number of different data suppliers to create the report. Potentially the task could take days, weeks or even months!

Working smarter

We knew there must be a more efficient way to complete the task so we contacted Land Registry. Their spatial data contains the shape and position of registered properties in England and Wales and property ownership information.

Land Registry worked with us to construct a simple plan and introduced us to datasets and information we didn’t realise were attainable. We overlaid registered titles onto Google Maps, creating a bespoke online map that exceeded expectations. The map provided information on multiple sites in seconds, simply by clicking on a map area.

Delivering results

We worked collaboratively across teams to ensure our report met our client’s needs, delivering exact measurements and the desired level of interactive functionality. System stability was also crucial to maintain user confidence.

We were confident our system would consistently deliver high standards, despite rigorous use. Thankfully, we have achieved near perfect results time and time again. This is how Nimbus Maps was born and its journey began.

Google Maps

Being able to overlay our information onto Google Maps meant we could create new datasets for our clients and improve the day-to-day workings of our team. This was before the commonly used term “Proptech” was heard.

We have now developed the tool further and made it available to the wider market. Our fully interactive map displays:

  • ownership information
  • site areas
  • building footprints
  • listed building information
  • flooding data.

The list of content continues to grow on a monthly basis. In a short space of time, we’ve acquired hundreds of subscribers, many of whom use Nimbus Maps on a daily basis.

LR_image_twoWhat our clients say

“I use the Nimbus Maps platform most days and it is now as important to me as any other website I regularly use to gather information on sites”

John Goodman FRICS, John Goodman Chartered Surveyors, Residential Development Consultants

“Particularly with the RICS discount, this platform is excellent value for money and the time saving for me with my property searches is significant.  It is great to get this additional benefit from my RICS membership with it being so useful”

Steven Glancy MRICS, Berskshire Holdings

“An invaluable tool I use on a daily basis”

Neil Comley – The Restaurant Group

“A straight forward and effective system”

Alistair Kay – Farm Foods

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated team at Land Registry. Partnering with them to create this platform meant that we could build a tool that not only streamlined the work of our employees, but became something we knew the property industry would love. It would also help solve the age old problem of wasted time, effort and money.

By David Thomson,
Marketing Manager, Nimbus Property