Event attendeesA big thank you to the Conveyancer customers and their software providers for coming along to our Digital Mortgage event on 20 October.

Our Digital Mortgage service is being built with feedback from lenders and their Conveyancer agents. The service will support an easy, quick and secure online mortgage experience for homeowners. We plan to launch our public beta in March 2016.

Following recent work, where we sent a survey to Conveyancers to get their feedback about what to build into the service first. We’ve been focussing our priorities on integrated APIs and supporting the use of GOV.UK Verify.

We had a great turnout at the event, with 36 attendees from 17 companies. We gave everyone an update on the findings of the research and prototype for the alpha. We also discussed our plans for integrating IT solutions and reviewed the digital signature experience for homeowners. It gave us a great opportunity to collect feedback on the next important things to focus on.

Angela Jackson, Senior Product Manager said ‘I was so pleased with the high amount of interest from Directors, IT Directors, Business Managers and Software developers. All who deal with considerable volumes of secured loans and re-mortgages.’

Angela Jackson

During the day, we held sessions to cover different topics; this included the roadmap, process flows and technical considerations. Dan Criddle, Technical Solutions Architect was involved in the technical sessions, ‘It was a very useful day for us and seemed to be positively received by the attendees.’

These sessions covered sharing information about GOV.UK Verify, which we’re currently testing as part of our digital signature experience. Dan also spoke about the communication method that other systems use to connect to ours. This was something he was expecting to be challenged on, and was pleased when he had a positive response with comments including, ‘our developers are already working on it’ and ‘reducing the overhead of schema updates would be beneficial to us’.

Speaking to Dan afterwards, he’d learnt a lot from the day. From understanding developer pain points for Business Gateway to hearing they want better test data. ‘I believe there’s a possibility of carrying out very early testing with their developers. This can only smooth the path towards a working system.’

There was also interest in how we can develop the service to reduce the number of customer requisitions. Shaun Ewings, Product Manager said, ‘Many ideas were discussed at the event. We will now need to look at what we can take forward into the longer term development of the service. A reduction in the number of requisitions would benefit both our conveyancer customers and Land Registry.’

We’ll be continuing to work with those we hope will be the first users of our Digital Mortgage service. As Angela commented, ‘There is clearly a continued interest in our online service. We have reviewed the feedback and are refining our plans as a result. We want to make sure we prioritise the right things that provide highest value for our customers. Thank you to everyone for their valuable support’.

If you’re a Lender or Conveyancer with secured loan or re-mortgage work and you’d like to know more about our Digital Mortgage service please get in touch with our Stakeholder Co-ordinator.

Caroline Kyriazis
By Caroline Kyriazis,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry