The way land is managed impacts national economies, wealth and stability directly and indirectly. High levels of land insecurity are known to reduce domestic and foreign investment, negatively impacting governments, businesses and citizens.

We are constantly reminded that nations around the world are suffering from poverty, the impact of natural disaster or civil unrest that leaves them shaken. At the week-long annual World Bank Land and Poverty conference in Washington DC, land experts from across the globe debate the links between secure land tenure and prosperity and share best land administration practices that will assist nations to implement reforms through good land policies.

Julie Barry, HM Land Registry’s Head of International Relations has been invited to speak at the conference about our approach to business resilience to meet our customer demands for easy access to information, 24/7 working and bespoke services. As representatives of one of the oldest land registration authorities in existence, which underpins an active and sophisticated real estate market, the International team collaborates with many overseas governments, sharing our expertise.

As well as speaking at the conference, the International team leaders will take the opportunity to meet with other land experts and potential beneficiary countries, to demonstrate HM Land Registry’s commitment to our government’s foreign policy and the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals.

Speaking at high profile conferences is only one small way we work overseas. Through our membership with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe land and housing committee, EuroGeographics, European Land Registration Association and European Land Information Services, we contribute the time and expertise of our senior staff to help develop good land policy and practice so other countries can share the benefits of good land registration systems.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry